Apprentice Insight - Stuart Walker

What were you doing before the apprenticeship? 

Before my apprenticeship with JN Bentley I was at college studying for my A levels. I was doing A Levels in Maths, Physics and geology as believed these would be best suited for pursuing a career in civil engineering. I chose maths and physics as I felt these would be best suited for engineering and chose geology as I felt this would help with being in civil engineering with having an understanding of the topography of the ground. 

What you apply for an apprenticeship/with JN Bentley? 

I applied to do an apprenticeship as I much prefer a practical approach to learning and felt having an apprenticeship would be an excellent way of gaining skills in this way with also working. I chose to have an apprenticeship with JN Bentley as I believe they complete interesting projects with working on reservoirs and they have great prospects for moving up in the company. I believe that working in civil engineering is a very fulfilling job seeing a project being undertaken start to finish and having something to show off for your hard work. 

What skills Iā€™m currently gaining from my apprenticeship with JN Bentley? 

I believe in these past 6 months of working with JN Bentley I have gained a wide vary of skills. I have gained skills for using engineering equipment such as a total station and sight level helping out with more precise setting out and surveying. I also believe I have gained quite a lot of social skills with meeting so any new people and working as a team, which I believe has made me more confident as a person. 

What are your future goals with JN Bentley? 

My future goals with JN Bentley are to work my way up and hopefully achieve a role with more responsibility and more of an insight within the company such as being a site manager. 

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