Apprentice Insight - Emily Hall

What I was doing before I started my Apprenticeship? 

I did my first year of 6th Form and hated it, I was made to think by my secondary school that A-levels were the only way to progress, I left and began working in a Pharmacy, One of my brothers went to an open day at Leeds College of Building and I was made to tag along, they asked everyone to separate depending on what they wanted to do, they mentioned higher education so I went to just see what it was about, this was on a Thursday and by the Monday I was on the course, I did my first year (90 Credits) of Level 3 Construction in the Build Environment, then I found this apprenticeship. 

What made me apply for this apprenticeship? 

I wanted to start earning money, but I also wanted to finish my course and this was the way of doing both. 

What have you learnt since starting your apprenticeship? 

When I started I couldn’t drive so I was put into the team at JN Bentley who deal with all the road closures and talking to residents in the areas in which JN Bentley are working, this helped me learn how to deal with the public when on site. On my site there’s a lot going on with a lot of machines and subcontractors, we are building a large shaft, over 10 manholes and upsizing all the pipework to deal with the flooding in the area, so there’s a lot of new things to learn and figure out. 

Who do you work with, which team are you part of within JN Bentley? 

Within JN Bentley you seem to get to know everyone, there’s many people and teams within the company and you must pretty much talk to everyone throughout the project to get it done, on site there’s me, an engineer, a site manager and a works manager. There is also off site based people who visit who make the project work; project lead, QS, operations manager, contracts manager, liaison coordinator etc, who all do there bit to make things work. 

What are my main achievements during my apprenticeships? 

I wouldn’t say I’ve had time to achieve anything yet, but just fitting in and becoming a part of the team. 

What are my future goals within JN Bentley? 

I want to complete my education hopefully get a degree and work my way up the ladder to maybe a Site Manager. 

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