Apprentice Insight - James Sellers

I have been with JN Bentley for 7 months and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here. Prior to me starting my apprenticeship at JN Bentley I was completing a different apprenticeship with a different company. I left my old apprenticeship as the company didn’t seem to support me a lot but at JN Bentley everyone supports me on my journey, from my managers to my colleagues.  

I applied for an apprenticeship because I never enjoyed going to school/college, so for this reason I didn’t think university is the right place for me. To be able to learn and work at the same time is the perfect way for me to progress within the trade. I would advise anyone who is in the same situation that I was in to get an apprenticeship. 

I have learnt a lot since I started my apprenticeship with JN Bentley from things as simple as mixing mortar to how to lay pipes. My duties at JN Bentley are different every day so the work doesn’t get tedious or boring and I enjoy starting every day to find out what new task I need to learn. Everything I learn is taught to me by the people I work with, my colleagues are very supportive and willing to help to me learn.  

The site I work on is Gouthwaite reservoir which is only 30 minutes from where I live. Travelling to and from site is no problem for me and if there is problem JN Bentley will support you as much as they can. The team I work with consists of six skilled operatives, two engineers, a foreman, a site manager and myself. The team gets on very well and will help anyone who needs it.  

My future goal with JN Bentley would be to progress into an engineer and then possibly a site manager. My future goal with my college course would be to progress into level 6 in civil engineering which would be supported all the way by JN Bentley. 


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