Specialists in Business and Management Apprenticeships

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Benefits to your business



Our programme encourages bright and enthusiastic employees to progress in your business



Your apprentice will understand the fundamentals of customer satisfaction and business operations


Apprentices are more motivated, flexible and loyal


Training apprentices can also be more cost effective than hiring experienced staff


Delivery Process


We recruit

We advertise on your behalf using LSP Recruit, Digital Apprenticeship Service and social media.

Applicants will be screened & telephone interviews will be carried out to determine the strongest candidate.

All short-listed applicants will then be invited for an assessment. This consists of activities & tests to challenge applicants.

Only suitable candidates will be selected.

We train

Experienced and skilled tutors will visit regularly to carry out training and assessments.

Visits will be scheduled and planned with your employee and their line manager.

Tutors will give progression feedback, training & support throughout the programme.

The apprentice will be required to complete 20% off the job training over the course of the Apprenticeship.


How can my business benefit from the

Apprenticeship Levy?