Apprenticeship 'Fire It Up' Campaign

We are delighted to be supporting the government’s brand new campaign, ‘Fire It Up’. Launched on 17th January the campaign aims to promote the benefits of apprenticeships to both employers and individuals, raising awareness of the huge variety of exciting apprenticeship options that are available to all age groups and backgrounds.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said:

We are seeing the apprenticeship system in this country come of age, with leading employers waking up to the benefits apprenticeships can bring.

The sad truth is that outdated and snobby attitudes are still putting people off apprenticeships which means they’re missing out on great jobs and higher salaries – many of them in the sorts of firms graduates look to land jobs with after university.

It’s vital that we challenge people’s thinking about apprenticeships which is why the Government’s new ‘Fire It Up’ campaign will aim to shift deeply held views and drive more people towards an apprenticeship.

At the same time we need to make sure that young people have access to information about all of the opportunities that are out there so we are taking action to make sure all schools invite a wide range of providers in to help young people choose the right career path for them.

With leading employers realising how apprenticeships benefit their business we are joining in to challenge any old fashioned views in the hope to get more businesses and individuals on board.