Apprentice of the Month - August

To recognise the hard work of learners, our Tutors are nominating those who are doing exceptionally well throughout their apprenticeship to be awarded as our Apprentice of the Month.

Congratulations to Alan Barclay for being awarded our August Apprentice of the Month! Alan has recently completed his Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor Standard at The Parts Alliance in Chester, and was nominated by his tutor Mac for his determination during his qualification.

Alan has demonstrated sheer will and determination to complete his management qualification despite all odds being against him at times.

Alan was given the opportunity to manage a branch close to Birmingham, a whopping 140 mile round trip to his current work address. Alan took the opportunity and drove to Birmingham on a weekly basis, sharing his role with his current one in Chester. Alan thrived whilst gaining respect from his line manager and employer but unfortunately his management qualification was suffering.

Alan showed such determination in wanting to complete his management qualification, knowing that this would have a massive impact on him preforming better as a manager and progressing within his workplace. He set days aside to concentrate on completing. Alan spent several days with Fiona and Mac and with their knowledge, teaching and support, Alan managed to catch up, pass his functional skills exams, and finally pass his qualification, whilst still committing full time hours to his busy and hectic day job.

Alan has proved a real success in setting up new processes and systems in the Midlands, sharing his vision with his colleagues and getting them on board. This alone is a key management skill and it’s clear that Alan has a fantastic, supportive team around him who find him influential and a positive leader who make change happen.

A well deserved award, Alan. Keep up your positivity and drive. A massive well-done from the LSP team!