Apprentice Insight - JN Bentley Learners

Lewis Watson, JN Bentley

Level 2 Civil Engineering Apprenticeship 

16-year-old Lewis from Darlington joined JN Bentley as a General Construction Operative in September 2017 after leaving school. 

Lewis, who wanted to earn while he learns was interested in getting a job rather than sticking to the academic route. He said: “I had seen this Apprenticeship available and thought it was a good opportunity within a good company to progress, so I applied.”  

Since he began his apprenticeship Lewis has “learnt a lot about the Civil Engineering industry.” Lewis currently works within a team of two others and occasionally works with others at different sites. He carries our regular Civil Engineering Operations on a daily basis while complying with the company rules. 

As for future ambitions within JN Bentley, Lewis would like to continually progress. He said: “My future goals within the company are to keep progressing and progressing until I reach the point where I am most happy with what I am doing.” 

Within his apprenticeship Lewis is completing his Maths functional skills at Level 1. He explained: “I have done various tests since I have started my apprenticeship which have tested my Maths, English and ICT skills. Maths in particular has helped me on a day to day basis at work.” 

Regan Griffiths, JN Bentley

Level 2 Civil Engineering Apprenticeship 

Regan is currently completing a Level 2 Construction Apprenticeship as a General Construction Operative with JN Bentley in Skipton. 

Before applying for an apprenticeship Regan had recently left school. He decided an apprenticeship was the best route for him because he preferred to experience the work rather than sitting in a classroom. He liked the idea of “working and being hands on, gaining experience and have the benefit of earning.” 

Just four months into his apprenticeship Regan had gained a lot of knowledge in construction – “I’ve learnt a lot more that I thought I would. A few of the things I’ve done include, re-instatment, fusion welding, laying pipes, working with piles and kerbing.” “My biggest achievement is I’ve gained a lot of confidence.” Regan is working in a team with a Lead Hand and another General Operative, his future goals are to successfully complete his apprenticeship and then train to be an Engineer. 

Niven Smith, JN Bentley

Level 3 Construction Operations Apprenticeship 

Niven Smith began an Advanced Apprenticeship in Construction with JN Bentley last year just three months after completing his A Levels at Sixth Form. 

He decided to apply for the apprenticeship because he has always been interested in civil engineering, he said: “the best way for me to learn this trade was through an apprenticeship, it’s just a bonus that I am getting paid as well.”  

Niven believes he has “learnt a lot of the basic skills and knowledge required to become a successful engineer.” and that he has become more independent because of his apprenticeship. He currently works with a variety of people such as ground workers, engineers, the design team and managers, and in the future he wishes to achieve the best qualification possible in his field of work to allow him to progress within his job. 

Matthew Ridal, JN Bentley

Level 2 Civil Engineering Apprenticeship 

Matthew recently began his Level 2 Construction Apprenticeship with JN Bentley as an Apprentice General Construction Operative in Skipton.  

Before his apprenticeship Matthew was working but wanted to gain more experience in the construction industry. He considered university but “found an apprenticeship more appealing as you get to earn as you learn”. Since recently joining JN Bentley just four months ago Matthew said: “I have learnt all about Health and Safety on site and also touched on basic civil engineering”. He currently works alongside his colleague Peter, who is a lead hand in pipe laying.  

In the future Matthew is hoping to pass all of his exams and become a valued part of his team. He said: “My ambition ultimately would be to become an Engineer, hopefully gaining a Level 3 qualification”.  

James Howdle, JN Bentley

Level 3 Construction Operations Apprenticeship 

18-year-old James Howdle from Selby began an Advanced Apprenticeship in Construction with JN Bentley last year. After previously attending College, James wanted to gain practical skills and liked the idea of earning money whilst getting work based learning. 

Since starting with JN Bentley just last September James has learnt a range of construction skills including: “How to level, use a GPS, how to calculate for a lift plan, how to work out a radius, setting out, reporting incidents, costing tickets” whilst working with Site Manager, Alan Sadler and Site Engineer, Christopher Lofthouse. James said his main achievement so far is “Learning valuable skills”. He is looking to “Always progress and to keep moving forwards” with his construction career.  

Willem Barton, JN Bentley

Level 3 Construction Operations Apprenticeship 

Before starting his apprenticeship with JN Bentley, Willem was attending College. He applied for an apprenticeship to avoid university debt and earn whilst he learns.  

Willem is currently working at a Preston site with two Engineers as an Apprentice Civil Engineer. He said he has learnt “Lots of people skills, and continuing to learn how to deal with new situations and acquiring new skills everyday”. “My main aspiration would be to pass the apprenticeship and then further my progression as an engineer”. He would like to progress through the company as far as he can.