How Employers benefit from Apprenticeships

“Apprenticeships work…”  

“We launched our Apprenticeship scheme in spring 2016 and have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the young people we have employed. New ideas, fresh thinking and superb IT skills are just a few of the very apparent benefits they have brought into their working environments. Yes, we have had to invest a little more time in regard to integrating them into working life, but the benefits have far outweighed the additional effort. We started our scheme as a pilot, not being sure if it would work for our business. I am delighted to say we are continuing, and indeed, expanding our scheme and we look forward to growing success in the coming years. I would strongly recommend apprenticeship schemes to other employers considering this route.” 

- Thrifty

“Greenhous is committed to providing ongoing training to all members of staff and empowers them to provide customers with the best possible service.  We are especially committed to providing training and careers through apprenticeships.  Our rationale is simple: to attract enthusiastic young people who want to build a career in our industry and have the raw talent with which we can work to mould them into the Sales Executives, Technicians, support personnel and Managers of tomorrow.” 

- Greenhous

“Apprentices have built our business it is as simple as that, our business was started on a living table after the owners were made redundant from a large company in the financial down turn, the two owners worked hard on the business and when it needed its first member of staff we could not afford a fully paid up person but had time and expertise to share with an apprentice, the rest is history we have a team of 12 now all of which at 1 stage started out as an apprentice. 

Our longest serving member of the team has been with us 6 years and now runs a team of his own and has just been awarded a company car. 

We would not be here where we are today with a thriving business without the use of apprentices and all 11 of the people we have had on the scheme are with us barring one as still with us in full time employment.” 

Indigo Car Hire

“Apprenticeships work - when you work in partnership to guide, develop and support your apprentices into their first step into the world of work and opportunities.” 


“Apprenticeships have already proved to be a huge benefit to our business, in the past 4 years we have enrolled over 150 apprentices on to technical, customer facing, administration and management Apprenticeships.  

Recruiting apprentices into the business allows us to train and mould fresh new talent into our existing teams and the company’s core values. Currently the industry has massive skills shortages and we feel apprentices are an integral part of our business strategy for future growth.” 


“Henderson Insurance Brokers Limited have been working with LSP (Learning Skills Partnership) for a number of years now, bringing apprentices into our team. 

An apprentice has a very important role within a group and their development assists them and yourselves in progressing. 

We as a company feel an apprenticeship is a vital role for future career paths.”