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Apprenticeship and Training Choices

We tailor all Apprenticeships and Training programmes to both the individual and the employer. Individuals are developed to a National Standard, incorporating tutorials specifically to meet the needs of the business and their career plans.
Please note that work based training is only available to people under 24 year old who do not already have a level 2 qualification. Feel free to call one of our friendly team on 01482 338 844, who would be happy to help answer any of your questions.

  • Customer Service

    This qualification will help you to become more competent in your job role and more confident in the service you offer. It will also explore how to excel in key skills relating to customer service including providing clear solutions to problems in a friendly and helpful manner. The level 2 certificate is great if you want to carry out your customer service role more professionally and effectively. It is suitable for all age groups and ideal for anyone who delivers a service to internal and/or external customers. This qualification gives the foundation to future progression in a range of different roles, which involve customer service. Key units of the qualification include living up to the customer service promise and providing a consistent reliable service. The level 3 Diploma qualification is aimed at individuals who want to demonstrate skills in the delivery and management of customer service. The qualification confirms advanced principles and processes in a range of different roles including those who work without supervision and can implement changes to improve services. Other areas you will be required to demonstrate include mentorship and evaluation of services provided. Key units of the qualification include improving the customer relationship and promoting continuous improvement

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  • Team Leading

    This qualification gives current and potential team leaders a solid foundation to develop their leadership skills. It will help you to demonstrate leadership qualities including the ability to direct and coordinate people enabling your team to reach their full potential. This will include achieving targets and motivating your team.

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  • Management

    This qualification is designed for those who manage a team and are responsible for its performance or middle managers who have a wider managerial role. It will include improvement of your management skills, recruitment, budgetary responsibilities, whilst providing better leadership and direction in your area of work.

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  • Business and Administration

    This qualification is designed for people who are involved in Business and Administration as their primary work activity. It covers the skills needed to excel in the varied and challenging environment working in administration presents. It covers everything from answering telephones to maintaining databases. The qualification gives the opportunity to gain recognition of their skills and experience in Business and Administration performance. The aim of the Level 3 Diploma qualification is to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance within Business and Administration. It provides an insight into more advanced principles and processes of Business and Administration and will aid further career development. Ideal if you wish to further increase your performance, productivity and supervisory skills.

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  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

    Overview:This qualification provides a fundamental understanding of customer service with the aim of raising customer service standards.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    Customer Service Foundations
    Impression and Image
    Customers Expectations
    Customer Loyalty
    Improving Customer Service

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  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Sales

    This qualification covers the basic techniques for todays industry.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    The key stages of the vehicle sale, including presentation, part exchange and negotiation
    Vehicle Sales Legislation
    Prospecting, initial contact and qualifying customer needs
    Vehicle Presentation

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  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Parts

    This qualification covers activities within the motor industry that relate to vehicle parts personnel working with a wide range of vehicles in all types of dealerships and vehicle part outlets.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    All aspects of health & safety, maintaining positive relationships and good housekeeping
    Giving customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
    Selecting and issuing, receiving and storing vehicle parts
    Supporting job roles in the Automotive Industry
    Identifying and reporting security risks

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  • CSkills Awards Level 2 Construction Operations

    This qualification covers:
    General Health, Safety and Welfare in the workplace
    Work area protection and safety
    Productive working practices
    Place in and finishing non-specific concrete
    Embedded maths and english skills

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  • CSkills Awards Level 3 Construction Technical and Professional

    This qualification covers:
    Engineering (ICE accredited

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