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Training will last anything from twelve months to two years depending on the level and type of qualification. Our assessors will visit approximately every four to eight weeks to carry out assessment using a variety of methods;

  • Observations
  • Discussions
  • Question and Answer Sessions

Assessors will then provide a full review of the learners progression. This provides you as the Employer with a clear appraisal of the individuals development and capabilities.
During training, evidence will be collected for the learners portfolio from their day to day work activities.
The visits from the trainers are unobtrusive and will not impact your business.
The learners have minimal written work as, like all NVQs, this qualification is achieved through the learners ability to show competence in their role.
We usually ask for a commitment of one hour per month from the both the learner and employer for progress updates. Our assessors require access to the learner in their place of work for only two hours per month.


There may be a minimum requirement for candidates to have three individual days of additional one to one tuition (not always required), followed by an examination.

This requirement is designed to achieve;

  • Technical Certificate
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills Maths
  • Functional Skills ICT (for Business Admin and Management only)

At the end of the programme, candidates will have achieved up to five National Accredited Qualifications, plus the framework certification.