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Learning Skills Partnership are an approved Main Provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

What does Apprenticeship Reform and the Apprenticeship Levy mean for your business?

As part of the Government’s plan to generate an additional 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020, full control has been moved to employers in the shape of apprenticeship reform.

This reform marks a significant change to both process and delivery of Apprenticeships, including implementation of an ‘apprenticeship levy’ and the development of new ‘apprenticeship standards’.

The Government is introducing the new levy on employers to fund apprenticeships and this will be collected through PAYE as of April 2017. Employers who pay the levy and are committed to apprenticeship training, will be able to get out more than they pay in. To this end, the government has committed an additional 10% contribution to the digital vouchers available to those employers paying the levy.

At Learning Skills Partnership, we believe one of the great advantages of the Apprenticeship Levy is that employers will be able to choose where to direct the funds in their digital account. Where employers choose not to, funding will be made available more widely (funds not utilised within 24 months will be allocated to other employers).

Our team understand completely the impact and fund utilisation issues facing employers and can offer you effective guidance, helping you manage the successful implementation of all Apprenticeship related requirements - today and in the future..

learning skills partnership can help with the Apprenticeship Levy

LSP - The Apprenticeship Specialists

How can Learning Skills Partnership help?

As Apprenticeship delivery and Training specialists, we have already been working closely with employers to help them understand the transition and improve understanding of the challenges and possibilities that the Apprenticeship reform presents to their business:

We can help you too...

As experts in apprenticeship funding, Learning Skills Partnership are able to provide advice which enables employers to make the best use of levy funds.  This includes supporting with the recruitment of new apprentices and also training to develop the skills of existing staff.

Understanding the Apprenticehip Service, and how best to utilise the facilities available to employers, is key to maximising training purchasing power and making the right decisions on Apprenticeship recruitment. The primary aim of the Apprenticeship Service is part of a broader end-to-end service that simplifies the employer journey and supports them to employ apprentices.


  • Training for Existing Staff

     •   Maximise your training budget use.

    •   We can also help you fully utilise the levy fund to develop your existing workforce, for same or lower level qualification attainment.

    •   Funding is now available for all ages.

    •   Talk with specialist advisors who understand the challenges and opportunities facing employers in making the most of the levy.

    Talk to us about how to better utilise your Levy

  • Some of the key benefits of the Apprenticeship Service

     •   Enabling employers to make decisions about taking on apprentices.

    •   Supporting employers through greater purchasing power for training.

    •   Transparency on apprenticeship frameworks, standards and their costs.

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  • Purchasing Apprenticeship Training

    Some of the steps include:
    Funds paid into the digital account will be available to spend on apprenticeship training for any apprentices who start after 1 May 2017.
    All apprenticeship standards and frameworks will be allocated to 1 of 15 funding bands, ranging from £1,500 to £27,000. The upper limit caps the maximum amount of digital funds that can be used towards an individual apprenticeship.
    An additional payment of £1,000 will be paid to the employer and provider for all apprentices aged 16-18 at the start of their training.

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