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Can I apply?

Am I Eligible? Read On and find out....

You need to be living in England and not taking part in full time education. Entry requirements will depend on the apprenticeship and industry sector chosen. Competition for places can be a great challenge so an interview for a position is an excellent opportunity for you to shine!

You need to be able to show a potential employer that you are committed to learning and can take responsibility for your own development.

Apprenticeship Quick Facts

Think of your apprenticeship as work based training, with three levels available;

  1. Intermediate Level
  2. Advanced Level
  3. Higher Apprenticeships

Good Start. Great Beginning.


You work towards work based learning qualifications such as Level 2 Competance, Functional Skills and in a lot of cases a Knowledge Based Qualification.

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Workplace Training. Showing Competence.


With an Advanced Level Apprenticeship you will continue to learn in the Workplace, this time aiming for a Level 3 Qualification such as Level 3 Competence. Our Learning advisers will help you decide which choice is best for you right now.

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Advanced. Specialisation.


As you might expect Higher Apprenticeships are designed to help you work towards a work based learning qualification. there may also be included a Knowledge based qualification such as a Foundation Degree.

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